On-Track Injury Reporting

Primary Objective: Development of a National Injury Reporting and Surveillance System

Action Items:

  • Establish national injury reporting & surveillance system that provides useful information
  • Micro-chipping program
  • Continue work and research on therapeutic medications
  • Encourage necropsy programs
  • Creation of healthier day-to-day environment for horses
  • Economic data modeling of different aspects of the industry
Accomplishments to Date:
  • 90 racetracks have signed contracts to report, representing 93% of flat and steeplechase racing days in the US and Canada. In addition, the NSA has signed on to participate in steeplechase reporting.
  • Over 25,000 reports received to date
  • Online reporting program for race related injuries in use
  • Online reporting for training injuries or non-race related injuries in use
  • Quality control & reports system in place for all data
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