Shoeing & Hoof Care

Primary Objective: Attend to the Health and Welfare Issues Surrounding Hoof Care

Action Items:

  • Eliminate the use of all toe grabs larger than 2 mm, turn downs, jar caulks and stickers on front shoes
  • Research the use of hind shoes with toe grabs and other traction devices
  • Require trainers to take an educational course on hoof care
  • Distribution of educational material to owners and trainers
  • Create educational hoof care and safety DVD
  • Gain information on current farrier licensing practices and work toward standardizing
Accomplishments to date:
  • Model rule banning toe grabs greater than 4 mm developed and passed at RCI Convention in April 2007
  • Model Rule banning toe grabs greater than 2mm and elimination of all traction devices on front shoes approved and passed in August 2008
  • Information on detrimental effects of toe grabs distributed to racing commissions and made available to public on Welfare and Safety Summit website
  • Grayson-Jockey Club "Research Report" (distributed in The Blood-Horse magazine) for Summer 2007 and "Horsemen's Update" for September 2007 focused on toe grabs
  • Research using video from high-speed cameras of horses breezing on dirt, turf and synthetic surfaces wearing different types of shoes, including shoes with toe grabs of varying heights.
  • Shoeing DVD trailer complete and presented at the AAEP Convention and Racing Symposium.
  • The Hoof: Inside and Out, 65 minute full length DVD completed with worldwide distribution. Spanish translated version due out the first quarter of 2010
  • Presentations made at workshops and industry events on shoeing and hoofcare by committee members.
Contact: Grayson-Jockey Club (859) 224-2850

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