Racing Surfaces

Primary Objective: To Promote consistent and safe track surfaces throughout the country

Action Items:

  • A standard and accepted reporting method for testing surfaces at all tracks
  • Uniform daily track maintenance report
  • Research proposal and subsequent funding for track surface research on dirt and synthetic surfaces
  • Research potential causes of catastrophic injury
  • Form subcommittees for all surface types
  • Develop a research and development model for synthetic, dirt, and turf racing surfaces
  • Identify laboratories where material can be sent for analysis
  • Work in conjunction with the On-Track Injury Reporting system committee to incorporate maintenance report system
Accomplishments to Date:
  • Dr. Mick Peterson and Dr. Wayne McIlwraith developed a research proposal currently conducting tests on dirt and synthetic surfaces
  • Uniform track maintenance report in use
  • Participant and sponsor of the NTRA's Track Superintendent Field Days since 2007
  • Turf subcommittee formed and currently researching equipment to determine accuracy and dependability for testing turf racing surfaces.
  • Completed turf track survey for composition, distance, width, bank, testing and more
  • Surface Testing Laboratory funded and operational - Dirt tracks Currently the lab has the ability to conduct 8 material characterization tests, and two performance tests. Synthetic tracks 9 material characterization tests. Over 65 different surfaces have been tested through the lab to date. Website - racingsurfaces.org
  • Produced Technical Bulletins in conjunction with the Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory. (found on racingsurfaces.org)
  • Produced the comprehensive "Racing Surfaces White Paper" detailing numerous aspects of racing surfaces. CLICK HERE
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