2010 Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit Resource Page

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Opening Session and Racetrack Surfaces Panel - Video

Updates from RMTC, NTRA, TSC, and EID - Video
Racing Equipment and Safety Panel - Video
Racetrack Environment and Safe Training Practices Panel - Video

Transitioning Thoroughbreds to Second Careers Panel - Video

Work Group Objectives - Video
Presentation Slides - Group presentations

Implementation Panel - Video
Presentation Slides - Panel presentation

The third Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit, held in Lexington, Ky., on June 28 and 29, concluded with the development of objectives in four areas and a discussion of implementation strategies to improve conditions in various facets of the Thoroughbred industry.

The four areas were Racing Equipment and Safety; Racetrack Environment and Training Practices; Education, Licensing and Continuing Education; and Transitioning Thoroughbreds to Second Careers.

The summit, which was coordinated and underwritten by Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation and The Jockey Club, and hosted by Keeneland, was held all day Monday and Tuesday morning.

Monday’s morning session included a panel discussion on Racetrack Surfaces, moderated by Ed Bowen, and updates on the following medication and safety initiatives: the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, by executive director Dr. Scot Waterman; the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance, by executive director Mike Ziegler; and the Thoroughbred Safety Committee, by committee member Dr. Larry Bramlage. Dr. Tim Parkin, an epidemiologist with the University of Glasgow, and Dr. Mary Scollay, equine medical director for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, provided an update and statistics from one year of data in the Equine Injury Database to conclude the morning session.

Monday’s afternoon session was composed of panel discussions on Racing Equipment and Safety, moderated by Dr. Mick Peterson, executive director, Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory; Racetrack Environment and Safe Training Practices, moderated by Dr. Rick Arthur, equine medical director, California Horse Racing Board; and Transitioning Thoroughbred Racehorses to Second Careers, moderated by Mike Ziegler.

The summit concluded with a panel discussion concerning implementation of safety and soundness recommendations, moderated by Jim Gagliano, president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club.

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